torsdag 16 juni 2016

What is rape culture? TW/CW-Diskussion om våldtäkt och sexuellt våld

A few things from Kat: 

I am a rape survivor, as are many people who follow my content. If you decide to not watch this video and copy and paste something about how Africa and the Middle East have "rape culture" and the west doesn't, I just want to communicate just how insensitive you're being to rape survivors. 

Sexual violence is wrong, full stop. I shouldn't stop having this conversation because, in your view, women in the Middle East and Africa have it so much worse. What you're essentially asking me and other survivors to do is to be thankful that we weren't gang raped. 

Be thankful that we aren't raped by scary men of color from strange lands. Be thankful that we have to be concerned about street harassment turning into violence and not daily abusive rape. This is not a very helpful comment and it proves that you didn't watch my video. 

Rape Culture is not the idea that we live in a society that accepts rape. It is a society that trivializes and struggles to decipher sexual violence.

Stop trying to communicate to survivors that they should be thankful for being raped in America. Where you're raped doesn't change that it happened. YES we need to speak about what's happening elsewhere, but I'm not going to speak for women in the Middle East and Africa. I'm not going to because that isn't my experience. I would hate for anyone to speak about my rape survival from a place of ignorance. 

We live in a world where one of the big reasons people are denying immigration, specifically, from the middle east into places like Europe, because of the idea that people (men) from those areas are rapists. A lot of the information you may be getting about these places may be twisted to support that narrative and you're forwarding it here. 

These discussions are very sensitive. I would rather someone speak to their experiences rather than speak for them. The idea that these women can't speak and need you to speak for them is a very patronizing perspective. There are women on the ground floor already fighting against these things in these countries and already speaking about sexual violence. 

A woman being raped in Brazil does not make a woman being raped in America more acceptable.

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