söndag 18 september 2016

What is spirituality?

It is which transcends vocabulary. It is both an complement and an intersection of science. It embodies that which humanity has not yet the scientific means nor physical experience to grasp, yet it grows through critical thought and methodical exploration.

It is out communion with our world-nature, family, society, friendship, humanity, the universe-that which words cannot describe. 

It is our rational way of processing the irrational and the infinite-the emergent properties, the beautiful wholeness and interconnectivity of a system, the spark of genuine creation, the mystery of compassion.
It is at peace with science. It acknowledges the need to disprove falsehoods and halt the tyranny of ignorance, but it is also the leap of faith we open ourselves to when the frontier of knowledge has not yet caught up. 

It is our divine intuition, the comfort that glows and grows as we find new truths and face new unknowns.

It is the logic of beauty, love and peace.

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